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Family Growth Chart


Just what every family needs, a hand-made, wood growth chart-ruler you can hang on the wall, and measure your little ones as they grow!  Preserve those memories forever with our custom hand-made growth chart/board.  These are also the perfect gift for those with little ones.  Every child loves to see how “BIG” they are getting, and you can even measure mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa too!!  One of our family favorites!!  Buy one for each kiddo, or just one for the entire family!  Can be customized to any color of your choice!! These are fun gifts for Teachers too, using it to measure students, and the Principal!!

Our growth chart touches the ground and goes up to 7 feet in height. Growth Boards can come in any color you’d like.  Our most popular choices are the creamy white with a gray or brown rubbed finish and black numbers, or the walnut stained board with black numbers.

Our chore chart makes a great gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and any holiday. Every family will want to have one in their home, and one day when those little ones are all grown, it will be the perfect heirloom to keep in the family and pass from one generation to the next.

PS….Please specify what color of board you’d like.  All come with black numbers and lines.
Turquoise, Mint Green, Baby Blue, Stained Walnut, Olive Green, Sunny Yellow, Cream w/Dark Rub, White, Brown, Deep Teal, and Sweet Potato Orange….if there is a special color you’d like to match, let me know.

Additional Information

Dimensions .5 x 7 x 84 in